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Fantasy Garden Incense

Origin: One of the many fine dollar stores in Hamtramck, MI; 2001

Hmm. Interesting scent. Do bordellos use this as a marketing gimmick, much the way movie theaters keep the aroma of fresh, overpriced popcorn wafting through the lobby? No, silly. Get your mind out of the gutter and check out that package-- er, study the label. See? A completely G-rated picture of a bright-eyed pussycat. Resting on an embroidered pillow that was left outside in the grass for some inexplicable reason.

So... it smells like cat?? I don’t know about you, but when my cat produces an odor strong enough to fill a room, I tend to open a window. I can’t imagine there being much demand for an incense version of the experience.

And yet, like the late great feline of legend, my curiosity was killing me. I had to plunk down a buck for this.

Turns out it smells like flowers.

I dunno, maybe she douches.

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