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Exuberant Vegetation

Fridge-Mag HQ is located in a lush, overgrown jungle where worthless crap exquisite beauty sprouts at every turn. This is where I started to share some of the more unique specimens in my collection, but I never really kept up with it. What's here is here. Have fun.

To find out how you can get your own grab bag in the mail, filled with similar mysterious objects, go here.


The Library
That Never Closes

Discarded books. Musty, yellowed, water-warped books. Books with cracked spines, torn covers, missing pages. Some people throw them away. I share with you.

My Work
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Free! For Ye!

Since 1998, I’ve attempted to put out one free minicomic per year. I hand them out at conventions and, quite often, people often pass them on to friends, and those friends pass them on, and so on. Judging from the mail I get, plenty of these babies have made their way around the world! To make it easy for everyone, I’ve posted them here in their entirety. Click on the covers and have fun!

For more recent work, see my webcomic Sucker Street and visit my blog.


24-Hour Comics

A 24-hour comic is an entire self-contained comic created from beginning to end in one day. No advance planning allowed. Here are two I’ve completed:

Drawn February 1-2, 2004 at Sean Bieri’s home; Hamtramck, MI. Coordinated by members of the Sequential Tart message board to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Get the whole story here (includes links to comics by other participants!) Subject matter for this piece (two-headed cat, box of cinnamon candy, grocery store) was provided by Story Seed Generator v 1.0.
Dwayne duKane and his Dried-Out Brain

Drawn September 13-14, 2003 at Green Brain Comics; Dearborn, MI. Pledges were collected for Friends of Lulu. Subject matter (girl,brain) was chosen by Dan and Katie Merritt.

More info about the marathon can be found here. Also, check out Sean Bieri’s take on the event (I have a cameo in panel 7...)

Both of these comics were created as part of fundraising events. Please visit CBLDF and Friends of Lulu and consider donating to these worthy causes


Miscellaneous Comics

One-shots, one-pagers, whatever else I feel like putting up.




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