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Homemade Pokémon card: front


Homemade Pokémon Card

Origin: Found in a grocery store parking lot; West Bloomfield, MI; circa 1999.

Arr! Arr! Arr! It’s Cocémon, the squshy (sic) Pokémon! I know next to nothing about Pokémon cards, but somehow I doubt this squat, blanket-toting monster is part of the official canon. Some kid must have made her up, and I think that’s great. You get the pleasure of playing a popular game without buying all those cards. Speaking as someone who used to cut arm and neck holes into old tube socks for Barbie dresses, I know how much easier it is sometimes to make the stuff you want than to get your parents to buy it for you.

“Supersonic smack 1 hit K.O.” sounds pretty tough. I don't know about “Sqush a cheekie”, though.

The use of multi-colored bits of foil is nice, but here’s the absolute best part of all: I found it tucked in its own protective plastic sleeve, the sort used on collectible cards. All right!

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