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Turkeyvision Stickers

Origin: My friendly neighborhood Hallmark store, 2000

It’s rare enough anymore to find a store that’s stayed in the same spot for decades, but a store where even the merchandise appears to have barely budged -- now, that’s something special! There’s a time-warpy place like that a few blocks from my house, where I found these stickers under a layer of dust. The copyright date says 1984, and I’m inclined to believe they’ve been sitting on the shelf since that year.

detail And what fine stickers they are: Turkeyvision! Makes you kinda wish Hallmark went into designing video games for real, doesn’t it? Great presentation, with a video game console border which is also a sticker. (I put one on a picture frame where I proudly display portraits of the turkeys in my life). Glare on the screen and everything.

I’m having a bit of trouble with the game though. Which one am I supposed to be? The turkey? The pilgrim? The white kid dressed like an Indian? And isn’t candy corn more of a Halloween thing?

this turkey knows too much.
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