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Real Toy Dinner Sets (Regular Set)

Origin: The dollar store, of course. 2001.

Miniature plastic food! A near-faithful replica of a Happy Meal, no less complete with fries, shake, orange juice, ice cream (mocha flavor), and the exotic-sounding Teriyaki MoBurger.

How precious, eh? But that’s not why I love this toy. There’s a very special reason. Maybe you can tell:

And here’s a quote from the back:
The dinner sets are
very real, miniature.
Play the game that we designed.*”
Quoted from the tray liner:

“The Dinner Sets are fashionable in style, handsome appearance. They have wide varieties. They satisfy the demands of you and lets you feel interesting...The products are toys not eat.”

Lets me feel “interesting”? I probably wouldn’t have phrased it so delicately myself; but yeah, fast food does have that effect on me.

According to the box, this was made in China. No, I couldn’t do any better translating something into Chinese. I actually studied Mandarin for about a year, but that was almost a decade ago, and even then the TA routinely burst into fits of uncontrollable giggling at my mistakes. She’d never tell me what it was I actually said.

So I feel justified in laughing at this. So should you. I think it would warm the translator’s heart to know that he or she brought a bit of laughter to the world.

*They don’t explain this game anywhere. How am I supposed to play?

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