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Belgian Canary

Feathered Pets:

A Treatise on the Food, Breeding, and Care of Canaries, Parrots and Other Cage Birds

by Chas. N. Page

©1898, Published by the Author.

Scottish Fancy Canary
bird tonic When I see a self-published book like this, I feel like such a faker. According to his introduction, Mr. Page traveled all across North America and Europe interviewing prominent bird breeders, keepers, and fanciers to create the ultimate pet care manual. On top of all that, he intersperses his own bird poetry throughout the book! One example:

“Come, little bird, and live with me,
You shall be happy, blithe, and free;
You shall be all the world to me,
Come, birdy, come and share your glee.”

I’m not sure how much of his advice is still applicable a century later (he recommends taking baby finches and cardinals from the wild and raising them yourself, for instance), but the whole thing is a delight to look through.

I hope all of you find this passage useful:
And I want one of these so bad:
birdcage/fishbowl combo
Can’t you just picture li’l Midget and Jacko in there now?
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